Abello Museum in Mollet del Valles, Barcelona announces acquisition of Data Shop, which is part of National Art Collection of the Generalitat de Catalunya

Read in Art in the Digital Age article Decision Making: The Decisive Instant by Dominique Moulon in collaboration with Catherine Bédard, Alain Thibault and translated by Cécile Nelson about HUMANS NEED NOT TO COUNT and all other artworks part of group show Decision Making curated by Dominique Moulon and Alain Thibault at Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris, France


Vaid pimestav viiv by Reet Varblane in Sirp, 1st Oct 2021. Review of group exhibition Life in Decline curated by Francisco Martinez (our artwork Rescue Plan in it).

Life in decline: artists on Estonia’s post-industrial East by Franciso Martinez in Deep Baltic, 9 Sep 2021. Review of group exhibition Life in Decline curated by Francisco Martinez (our artwork Rescue Plan in it).

The wound that needs healing by Maria Helen Känd in Artterritory, 6 Sep 2021. Review of group exhibition Life in Decline curated by Francisco Martinez (our artwork Rescue Plan in it).

2021 Ida-Virumaa on sotsiaalne labor, kus on kaalul kogu Eesti tulevik by Juhan Raud in Postimees, 31 Aug 2021. Review of group exhibition Life in Decline curated by Francisco Martinez (our artwork Rescue Plan in it).

Kunstiamps. Kohtla-Nõmme kaevandusepargi kunstiaarded by Maria Helen Känd in ERR Culture, 28 Aug 2021. Review of group exhibition Life in Decline curated by Francisco Martinez (our artwork Rescue Plan in it).

Linnafestival UIT puhub unustatud arhitektuurile elu sisse by Ode Maria Punamäe in ERR Culture, 20 Aug 2021. Review of UIT Festival and our NFT Shop in it.


Soft, fluffy power by Stacey Koosel, review of We Are the Clouds, Surrey Art Gallery, 2020, p.1-5

A Buddhist monk bops to Beethoven, artists in Estonia knit his brainwaves by Moon So-Young. In Korea JoongAng Daily. 29 Nov 2020

Artwork celebrates Beethoven’s 250th birth anniversary. In The Korean Times. 27 Nov 2020

Kudumismasin koob Beethoveni muusika salli sisse by Ave Häkli. In ERR Kultuur. 25 Nov 2020

Visualizing Beethoven’s music through brain waves by Park Yuna. In The Korean Herald. 14 Nov 2020

Beethoven to connect Europe and S.Korea for brainwave-knitting telematics performance by Park Sae-jin. In Aju Business Daily. 13 Nov 2020

Decoding New Technologies in Art and Design, ARS Electronica Garden Tallinn. In In Kepler’s Gardens. A global journey mapping the ‘new’ world. Edited by Gerfried Stocker, Christiane Schöpf, Hannes Leopoldseder. Ars Electronica 2020. Berlin: Hatje Cantz Verlag. 2020, p.136

Curating Mass Media. Connecting Cities in the book The Building as Screen. A History, Theory and Practice of Massive Media by Dave Colangelo, Amsterdam University Press, 2020, p. 144-156.

solo show review Varvara & Mar: Chameleon by Steph Wong Ken in Magazine C, Vol 143, p. 67-68


Our interview by Triinu Soikmets Kunst ja äri käsikäes – lugu nagu filmist! in NOAR, 7th Aug 2019

Review: Chameleon – at the junction of art and data by Magdalena Gorski in FREQ. Magazine. 21th May 2019

An interview to Varvara Guljajeva by Arlene Tucker  (Pixelache Festival team). 24th April 2019

Üritades olla kosmopoliit võib saada tulnukaks an article by Juhan Soomets about our exhibition Chameleon in Sirp. 25th January 2019, p. 17.

Our artwork Humans Need Not to Count at the exhibition Objects of Attention. An article by Kerttu Palginõmm in Sirp. 25th January 2019. p.18-19

An article about our artwork and workshop “Data Shop” in the frame of the residency THE SPUR at the contemporary art center Bòlit in Girona. THE SPUR publication. Direction: Carme Sais. p.48-53

Our artwork DataShop in “Plurality Of Digital Practices” an article by Dominique Moulon in Art in the Digital Age.


Varvara Guljajeva, PhD thesis “From interaction to post-participation: the disappearing role of the active participant“, Estonian Academy of Arts (2018).
Our artwork DataShop in “Data Shop, ermetic data can” an article by Chiara Ciociola in Neural magazine.
Our artwork DataShop at the Digital Design Weekend in “El arte digital español conquista Londres” (Spanish digital art conquers London) an article by Roberta Bosco y Stefano Caldana in Aquae Blog.
Our knitted works in “Tejiendo pixeles”(Knitting pixels) an article by Gisela Chillida in La Maleta, Humanities and Economy Magazine, vol 30, july-aug 2018.
Few words and images on Sunday Painter in article “A summer agro-tech mentality at Maajaam” by Marika Agu and Francisco Martinez in KUNST.EE, 2018/, p. 53-57.
Our work appeared in “The Nomad Creative Projects”. An article by Severine Grosjean in ”Art Reveal magazine nº42”, p. 7-10
Interview with us in Finnair BlueWings magazine p. 55-61
Speed of Markets is mentioned in the book Art Beyond Digital by Dominique Moulon. Link Edition, Brescia 2018, p. 158-159
Raivo Kelomees writes in SIRP about Sunday Painter and Wild Bits exhibition in Maajaam
Our work appeared in ARTEFUSE. An article by Séverine Vanina.
VHMOR blog writes about some of our works. An article by The Nomad Creative Projects.
Experimenta Magazine writes about Circular Knitic. An article by Chiara Giordano.
Our exhibition “Camaleó” appeared in Uncovering CTRL. An interesting article about the artworks that we had shown.
Interview in Núvol, digital de cultura by Megan Descayre.
Interview in El Diari de Girona by Albert Soler.


El País talks about our latest exhibitions in Catalonia in the article ”Los patrimonios inmateriales de la época digital” (The intangible heritage of the digital era) by Roberta Bosco.
Blekinge Läns Tidning, a newspaper in Sweden, writes about our residency work at A.I.R. Blekinge Baltic One.
Our work appeared in new number of Estonian Art in the article ”Storytelling Through Interactive Screens” by Nithikul Nimkulrat
El Pais mentions our work in the article ”Dame datos (y tecnología) y haré arte” (Give me data and I will make art) by Isabel Valdes.
Merle Luhaäär discusses PERRO group exhibition, which was organized by us and where we also participated as artists, in SIRP.


SPAMpoetry is on the cover of culture magazine Vikerkaar December’s number. Also dedicated article about our practice inside by Raivo Kelomees.
Stacey Koosel interviewed us. Here is the article in SIRP.
Are Today’s Politicians Reptiles? Well, Politics Are Chameleonic by Andrew Salomone in Creators Project.
Interview in Echo Gone Wrong by Merle Luhaäär.
Progetto grafico, Open Technologies. International graphic design magazine, nº30. Editor in chief: Silvia Sfigliotti. Published by Aiap, 2016. Project: NeuroKnitting. page:74-76.
Article about our practice A Place Called Home by Pau Waelder in Estonian Art 1/2016 (37) magazine, page 37-39.
Istanbul-based online publication Manifold asked us few questions:

Nice article on The Rhythm of Wind and our metronome obsession in Creators Project by Andrew Salomone
Neural writes about Data Drops
We got mentioned in a nice article On media art in Estonia and the Baltics: digital technology as cultural constant written by Raivo Kelomees in echo gone wrong online magazine about art in Baltics.
Spanish newspaper Heraldo writes about Data Drops project, which was exhibited at Reverberadas show in Etopia, Zaragoza
The Art Market in the Age of Access by Pau Waelder in AC/E Digital Culture Annual Report 2016


Our work in the field of knitting were selected to 5 Projects Leading the Open Source Revolution in Fashion
Interview by Filippo Lorenzin in Furtherfield
Jerneja Rebernak makes an intensive interview with us in Digicult
Artsy listing us as one of the 6 Couples Who Are Shaping Contemporary Design
Best of Art Miami New York
KLANGHYPOTHESEN, Material, Forschung, Kunst. Edited by Subnet, 2015. Project: NeuroKnitting. pp:19-21.
double – Magazin für Puppen-, Figuren- und Objekttheater, Nr. 31. Autor: von Karin Bruns. 2015.  Project: SPAMpoetry. pp:12
Crafting our Digital Futures, part of V&A Digital Design Weekend. Suported by Arts and Humanities Research Council. Edited by Irini Papadimitriou, Andrew Prescott and Jon Rogers. Published by Uniform Communications Ltd.,2015. Project: Circular Knittic. pp:48-49.
WiFipedia mensioned in Äripäev article, Sirp, and in the article by Raivo Kelomees
Paloma G. Díaz‘s article discussing our work in El Asombrario.
Make Magazine writes about Circular Knitic
Circular Knitic on Creators Project blog


DevArt: creating art with code for Google  interview with us by Pau Waelder published in Art.es
Barcelona TV talking about The Highest Human Tower in their cultural program Artic
Ara.cat catalan newspaper writes about The Highest Human Tower installation inside Music+Art exhibition at Mobile World Centre
Estonian newspaper Postimees makes a short story about Shopping in 1 Minute
Maribor TV  makes a reportage about our solo show at Maribor City Gallery (15:40min)
Spanish TV channel LaSexta talks about creative coders
Digital Revolution. An inmersive exhibition of art, design, film, music and videogames. Edited by: Neil McConnon, Conrad Bodman and Dani Admiss. Published by Barbican International Enterprises, 2014.  Project: Wishing Wall. pp:186-187.
Canet, M and Guljajeva, V ”NeuroKnitting” in RHIZOPE – Art & Science – Hybrid Art and Interdisciplinary Research. Editors: Piibe Pirma, Veronika Valk. Published by Estonian Academy of Arts, 2014. Projects: NeuroKnitting, The Rhythm of City. pp:84-87; 128-129.
Article about Wishing Wall in the 4th issue of PANTA magazine
el Pais writes about Wishing Wall exhibited in Barbican, London
El Diario Spanish newspaper makes an article about our artwork Wishing Wall
Italian newspaper La Repubblica writes about us.
Deutche Welle explores the idea behind SPAMpoetry work.
Interview in Craftivism: The Art of Craft and Activism. Edited by Betsy Greer, July 2014. Projects: SPAMpoetry, Kombi, Neuroknitting. pp:69-75.
Homespan magazine from Australia writes about our NeuroKnitting project.
Wired magazine mentions NeuroKnitting project.
Waelder, P ”Baltic Sea Radio: on data fows and life in real-time” in Art Line – A Baltic collaboration. Editors: Magdalena Mróz-Grygierowska, Torun Ekstrand. Published by Blekinge museum, 2014, page:178-181.


Canet, M and Guljajeva, V ”The Revolution of Soft Digital Fabrication” in Social Fabric (strategic Creativity Series). Editor: Michelle Baggerman. Published by Design Academy Eindhoven, 2013, page 46-50.
Häkeln + Stricken für Geeks. Autor: Verena Kuni. Published by O’Reilly, September 2013. Projects: NeuroKnitting, SPAMpoetry. page:288-290.
Great article about Binoculars project in El Pais by Roberta Bosco y Stefano Caldana
Since we went live with NeuroKnitting project, we have appeared in following major online press and blogs:
Make Magazine
Information Aesthetics
El Pais
Fashioning Tech
Neuro Gadget.com
Graphisme & Interteractivite
Ecouterre. Wearable Technology
Crunch Wear
and some more..
Arduino blog writes about Knitic
Knitic appears in Courrier International
Roberta Bosco y Stefano Caldana write about mine and Mar Canet’s work on stitches and pixels in El Pais.
Hackaday blogs about Knitic project
Eloquence International Creators Magazine interviewed me and Mar Canet in their February number>>


edgargonzalez.com, the blog of architecture, writes about The Rhythm of Sao Paulo . PDF of article>>
El PAIS discusses The Rhythm of Sao Paulo in their article on SP_Urban Digital Festival
MAKE magazine blog reports on Kombi
Obieg reviews Baltic Goes Digital in Gdansk, Poland
O TEMPO, a newspaper in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, writes about our residency work at Marginalia+LAB
Polish Art & Business Magazine mentions Baltic Sea Radio
Sydsvenska, the main newspaper of South Sweden, published an article about our project SPAMpoetry
Swedish cultural newspaper Skanes Fria writes on SPAMpoetry
El PAIS writes about our exhibited works at JUSTMAD3 in Madrid


Diaria de Balears writes about Crida residency program in Palma, Mallorca
Diario de Mallorca reports on The Flux of Sea performance that took place in Es Baluard Art Museum of Palma
ABC.es made a reportage about The Flux of Sea
Macedonian cultural magazine interviewed me. See article here>>