Beneath the Cloud

ceramic sculpture (two of 50 x 50 x 50cm, neon tube)
3D printing with robotic arm, generative AI

The artwork delves into the foundational pillars of today’s neural technology. While AI is frequently and excessively hyped as capable of thinking, making decisions, and even creating art autonomously, it fundamentally relies on human labor. This labor is, at times, carried out under unjust conditions, and the human part often remains unacknowledged. The artwork comprises AI-generated cloud at 1:100, crafted using robotic 3D printing in clay. The cloud is broken into two halves and neon lights placed in-between them symbolising the inner pillars of deep learning.

The work was produced in a short residency of the Estonian Academy of Arts, Faculty of Architecture 3DL and Department of Ceramics, which synthesizes critical spatial thinking with material and parametric additive layering technology.


– group exhibition Loading Ceramics curated by Martin Melioranski and Lauri Kilusk at the Estonian Architecture Museum in Tallinn (12 Sep – 12 Nov’23)