NFT Shop

Site-specific installation

NFT shop in an abandoned gas station

During urban festival UIT we have turned an abandoned gas station into NFT Shop. We hijacked all the branding (including gas price totem) and turned an old business to a new one. The NFT Shop was present in the physical gas station and online at the Hic et Nunc platform. All the NFT art was specially made for NFT Shop opening. What is more important, the artists were present, offering a conversation over a cup of coffee discussing the hot topics of NFT and cryptocurrency.
So, what is NFT? NFT stands for a non-fungible token or simply put a certificate that proves the originality of the digital asset. We have already seen that cryptocurrency has its part in the economy. But what is NFT art, and what kind of art market it has to offer? NFT art shop operates within an alternative economy of cryptocurrency and speculates about the speculation. It is a shop / gallery / meeting place in an old gas station. Like the fuel’s price, NFT gas prices and art value fluctuate a lot, creating new opportunities and definitely damages.


–   urban festival UIT curated by Kadri Lind and Marie Kliiman, Tartu, Estonia (18.-21. aug 2021)