Study of Hidden Dimensions

Generative art

In loop, done in Processing

The work relates to the ideas of superstring theory that aims to explain yet unknown dimensions. Calabi–Yau manifold, also known as a Calabi–Yau space, is used for visualizing 6-dimensional spacetime using different curves in a projective plane that live in other geometric spaces. The human eye can perceive three dimensions of space and one of time, yet there are many more dimensions that scientists still struggle to explain. Current artwork intends to explore these hidden dimensions by endlessly twisting Calabi–Yau manifold planes that constantly change over time, and the navigating reveals new unseen spaces.

– group show Quantum Critic curated by Natalia Alekseeva, Ramiro Camelo, Timo Tuhkanen, Myymälä2 pop-up gallery, Helsinki and at Masters art school, St.Petersburg (15 – 31 Oct’21).