Site-specific installation
Found object, wooden structure.

Rapid growth is followed by a decline, which is very much characteristic to a post-industrial society. After extensive exploitation of natural resources, areas such as Ida-Virumaa in Estonia, are in need of help and reanimation – not only environmentally and economically, but also socially. There are too many problems that have been neglected for far too long.

In the middle of the artificial lake of the Estonian Mining Museum is a half-drown, half-floating lifebuoy ring, symbolising the region’s heavy baggage of past and the failure of deployed rescue strategies by the government. The artists use this tension of gravity forces to talk about the complex problems of a broken world. This installation reflects poetically on the limits of top-down rescue plans, sometimes felt by the local population as a burden. Visitors can conveniently contemplate the slowly unfolding disaster.


– group show Life in Decline curated by Francisco Martinez in the Estonian Mining Museum (17 June – 3 Oct 2021)

Acknowledgements to DiaFilm OÜ for filming.