Wishing Well

Interactive light installation
Metal structure, plexiglas, 3D print, water, rear projection screen, projectors, computers and electronics.
6,5 x 3,5 x 3,5m

Wishing Well is inspired by our previous work Wishing Wall, which focuses on the audience wishes.
There is a number of traditions how to make a wish, for example, one should make a wish when blowing the candles on birthday cake, when a year is changing, by throwing a coin in a fountain and much more. Making a wish is always connected to a magic, at the same time there is no visual manifestation nor any continuity after a wish is made.
Our intention is to retain the magic around making a wish, and at the same time, slightly alter the traditional approach around it. Hence, our aim is to encourage the audience to dream and offer them a magical experience. One makes a wish by throwing a coin to Wishing Well. From each wish is born a butterfly, which lands on a spectator’s hand for a moment and then joins the other butterflies on the digital wall of made wishes.
We liked the idea to think of a metamorphoses of wish that was also an inspiration and reason for using butterflies in the piece. In addition to that, a butterfly is a creature that has a magical and beautiful appearance. Maybe that’s why people tend to catch and even collect butterflies. Thus, metaphorically our installation does similar things: invites audience to catch butterflies, explore others’ wishes, and collects all wishes made.
Wishing Well was produced with the help of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Group show Estonia: a mindscape (part of EV100 art program) curated by Kairi Orgusaar, Rapla County Centre for Contemporary Art (13th Oct – 11th Nov 2018)