Under the Water



70 x 70 cm

What do we see under the water? Beautiful marine life or domination of plastic trash, which reaches everywhere and stays there forever?

The population is sinking into its own trash. Seems that our consumption has no limit.

Sad thing is that society starts to think about the problem when it knocks on the door. Unfortunately, since the most of people do not see plastic and rubber tires in their backyards, continue careless plastic consumption without thinking about alternatives and recycling strategies.

Meanwhile our oceans are full of plastic, water birds, animals and fishes have microplastic inside them. We are eating plastic. Soon we become PLASTIC!

Under The Water is a series of prints produced with machine learning algorithm. We are working with AI neural network that generates speculative images of the anthropocene, images that have never seen before.

We have prepared several data sets of plastic in ocean, which were used for training Progressive GAN algorithm to generate images of trash under the water.

The aim is to let machine to imagine what our surroundings will look like soon if society would not change their lifestyle. The artwork calls to stop and think what we are about to lose.


JustMAD Art Fair, Palacio Neptuno, Madrid, Spain. In collaboration with Alalimón Gallery (26th Feb – 3th Mar’19)