Glitch ‘n’ Hit

Series of interactive software generated works
Software, screen, Raspberry Pi, accelerometer
58 x 35 x 18cm

“Accidents transform the way we see the normal. Every accident transforms the normal.” Glitch studies manifesto, Rosa Menkman.
Glitch‘n’Hit talks about the dichotomy of hitting and repair, obsolescence of technology, and explores aesthetics of machine error. Despite living in the hi-tech age human behavior pattern is slow to change: if the reason for dysfunctionality of a device is unknown to us, we tend trying it to fix by hitting. Ironically, the artwork make use of this intuitive interaction with a device and transforms it into a play with the artwork. Hence, the audience is invited to solve the machine mistake by hitting technique. Glitch‘n’Hit engages a viewer ludically by allowing to explore different glitch mutations by softly shaking the screen.

Solo Show Data SoupArtDealProject, Barcelona, Spain (12th Dec’17 – 30th Jan’18)
Solo Show Data SoupDigitaliseum, Malmö, Sweden (21th April – 3rd June’17)