Contemporary tools of creatives working with technology

The workshop introduces all possible tools, technologies and processes of a creator working with the contemporary tools in the post-digital age.
Based on the experience gathered during its years of creation, the artist-duo Mar & Varvara has compiled an atlas of materials to facilitate a journey through the components of digital art, illustrating it with examples of their own creations and of others recognized artists.
The workshop is aimed at visual artists, curators, cultural managers and all those who want to delve into artistic practices with new media. No previous experience required.
Day 1 (4 hours):
Analysis of the code as an artistic tool:
– Programming languages
– Programming frameworks
– Algorithms
– Operating systems
Analysis of computer hardware:
– Computers
– Microcontrollers
– Cloud (cloud computing)
Day 2 (4 hours):
Analysis of the different interfaces:
– Sensors
– Cameras
– Actuators
– Screens
– VR Helmets
– Projectors
– Tactile
– Audio
– Brain
– Muscle
– Actuators
– Light
Analysis of digital manufacturing systems:
– Laser cutter
– 3d print
– Basic guide of preparation and installation of pieces of new media for exhibitions.

Varvara & Mar studio, Tallinn, Estonia (10th and 12th April 2018)
Online at (course made in Spanish), the translated title is “Atlas arte nuevos medios” , (July 2016 and January 2017)