Wireless Poetry

Lasercut plexiglas, 3D-Print, router, custom-made software, electronics
21 x 21 x 17cm

By exploring digital landscapes and excess of wireless communication in urban space, we started to search for poetic expression by applying radio waves. The intention was to create totally invisible and intangible work that will exist in the air. Hence we got an idea to display poems by Eduard Escoffet, who kindly agreed to collaborate with us. Each minute we are sending from dedicated WiFi router 4 32-character lines of a poem by changing the names of device. It means while choosing a network one will discover some lines of poetry instead of typical networks’ names.
Moreover, the work introduces an unusual way for not only applying WiFi waves for artistic purpose but also for a novel form for performing poetry.
We have created a sculptural piece that displays reachable WiFi networks’ names, and thus, also the poetry performed through the radio waves.

Group show Systema at Zhulong gallery, Dallas (25th Oct – 29th Nov’14)
Group show The Hypnotist Collector , curated by Stacey KooselNauart gallery in Barcelona (6th-27th June’14)