The Rhythm of Wind


Kinetic installation

Metal, cardan and differential from an old car, pendulum is made of stainless steel

1490 x 1490 x 5620mm

The Rhythm of Wind is a kinetic artwork that explores hidden properties of the wind. We are talking about speed and direction of wind, but never listen to its rhythm. The aim is to establish a dialog between the environment and the artwork. The wind is completing the art piece, and thus, resonating in it.

The sculpture is totally mechanical. Hence, it needs only wind for performing. Slower the wind, slower is its rhythm; stronger the wind, faster ticks the metronome.

Metal work by Narrot OÜ


Group show Horizons 2016, Sancy, France (16th June – 25th Sept 2106)
Supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia

The artwork received 3rd prize at the public art competition of Põlva Gümnaasium by RKAS, Estonia.