Shopping in 1 Minute

Interactive installation
Wood, custom-made software, bar-code scanner, digital print on paper, tupperwares, shopping cart, receipt printer, electronics, computer, lightbox
∼1200 x 610 x 1600mm

Shopping in 1 Minute is an artgame that is playfully criticizing the increasing desire of society for consumption. Our inspiration for creating the artgame came from the craziness of people during the sales period: long lines in front of supermarkets, stone-age-style behavior, lots of useless products, etc.
Thus, we are inviting audience to train for the next sales period. A player has to scan as many products as possible during a minute. As a reward each player will receive a ticket with bonus points according to his score.

Suur-Lasnamae Urban Art Event, Tallinn, Estonia (24th Sept – 9th Nov’14)
Group show DIY, DASA, Dortmund, Germany (Sept’12-April’13)
Group show DIY, Frankfurt and Berlin Communication Museums (Aug’11 – Aug’12)
Kiblix Festival, Kibla Gallery, Maribor, Slovenia (18th-28th Nov’10)
Ars Electronica2010 Campus exhibition, Linz, Austria (2nd-9th Sep’10)