My name is

Dolls, relays, arduinos, computers, modems, ethernet cable
Variable dimensions

My name is is a metaphorical visualization of nowadays-human beings.  In my point of view we are not bounded to one body anymore. We are extended through networks to infinity. The location does not matter, what matters is connection. Thus, at this point I totally agree with Mitchell “disconnection would be amputation. I link therefore, I am.” We are becoming gradually fully equipped and totally dependent on technology cyberorgs.
The installation consists of 4 dolls in each a speaker inside, 4 relays, arduino, a computer, and a modem. We are using Processing, TTS (text to speech), and Arduino. The independent and at the same time isolated network is created. IP addresses are continuously renewed and sent to a random doll. Thus only one doll is speaking at a time (4 speakers are controlled by 4 relays through arduino).

Espacioenter 2010 International Meeting of Creativity Innovation & Digital Culture, Canarias, Spain (25th-27th Nov’10)
White Night Skopje 2010 Skopje, Macedonia (25th Sept’10)
23rd Stuttgarter Filmwinter Stuttgart, Germany (20th-30th Jan’10)
received a jury prize for media art installation at 23rd Stuttgarter Filmwinter
Group show Fantasmarama, Linz, Austria (2nd – 3rd Sept’09)