A Needle in a Haystack


Everyone knows that finding a needle in a haystack is an impossible task. But what about a robot? Positioned at the centre of a haystack, the robot’s sole mission will be to locate a needle hidden in the hay. It will signal its triumph by ringing a sheep’s bell if it succeeds. 

This project is a provocative exploration of technology’s limits when faced with tasks deemed impossible for humans. It challenges the notion of artificial intelligence as a mysterious, all-powerful ‘black box’. Critics like Kate Crawford argue that AI is neither truly artificial nor intelligent. Similarly, Jeff Bezos has labelled it “artificial artificial intelligence”, highlighting its reliance on human labour that is often underpaid work of crowd workers.

Moreover, this artwork prompts reflection on the relationship between humanity and the environment, adding a nuanced layer of commentary to the interaction between technological prowess and natural elements. The project also raises critical questions about our reliance on technology: Is this the right path forward?

Project is co-commissioned by Wild Bits and DDT Lab.

– land art exhibition Wild Bits in frames of Tartu2024 European Capital of Culture (25 May – 15 Sep 2024),  Estonia