3D printing

The aim of the course was to give a basic understanding about 3d printing and various printers. One learned how to make and prepare a 3d model for 3d printing. How to use different 3d printers, how to maintain them, and what material to use. Also we discussed advantages and disadvantages of different 3d printers and went through possible uses of these machines.

  • what is 3d printing and its use in the creative fields
  • basic modelling in 3d program
  • how to prepare a file for 3d printing
  • how to use 3d printer
  • which material to use for 3d printing
  • students had access to four 3d printers (Ultimaker, Makerbot, 2 x reprapBCN)
  • print out your model made in the course (max. 2h of printing)

Espai Erre, Barcelona, Spain (28th-29th Dec’15)
Varvara & Mar studio, Tallinn, Estonia (21th-23th Sept’15)