Tree of Hands

Interactive installation
3D graphics, custom-made software, computer, Leap Motion sensor, aluminium profiles, plexiglas lasercut, projection/screen 
Variable measures

Tree of Hands creates a digital illusion of immersive and mysterious landscape,which flirts with the ideas behind Anthropocene discussions. The post-human landscape forwards the fears of today: rising sea level, the danger and insecurity of technology, and unpredictable effects on us and our nature of biotechnology.
With the last one we tried to imagine the consequences of gene modifications. Since the effects are unknown really, we have decided to create genetically mutated tree or a human-tree, which has human hands instead of leaves. All the hands are created by the spectators, who has recorded their hand movements. Hence, the tree memorizes and captures the hand movements. The hand movement detection sensor in the middle of a frame records each movement of one’s hand.
The artwork is easily scalable from a high resolution screen to a big-scale projection or a video wall.

Culture Festival SÄRIN, Rapla County Contemporary Art Centre, Estonia (15th – 16th Sept’17)
Remote Signals, ARS building, Tallinn, Estonia. Curated by Pau Waelder (14th – 20th March’16)
– Malmö Live concert hall in Malmö, Sweden. Curated by Oyuki Matsumoto (22nd Oct – 22nd Nov’15)