The Flux of Sea

Indirect post-participative artwork
AIS-receiver, custom-made software, computer, silkprint

The Flux of Sea is an art project exploring the traffic of local sea. We are applying AIS radar for catching radio waves that ships are constantly sending. Hence, we are able to listen to the communication between the boats and the harbor. The truth is, sea contains lots of data that we are not aware of.
Therefore, we use these data for the real-time score composition purpose, and thus, offer a novel sonic experience to the audience. The sound piece is in a constant flux, unique, and unpredictable. Moreover, the work goes beyond chance-based composition by reflecting on the current traffic of the sea.
In addition to sound piece, the communication between boats has been converted into generative image and silk printed afterwards.

Listen to a sample

Group show Natures. Hyper-life and Micro-relations, MOB, Barcelona, Spain (13th Mar – 13th Apr’12 )
JUSTmadrid Art Fair, Madrid, Spain (14th-16th Feb’12)
Site-specific sound installation in Es Baluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Palma, Spain (9th Dec’11)