Sonic organic sculpture
latex, wool, sound circuits, conductive thread

SONIMA is a sonic organic sculpture that lives in symbiosis with a tree. The sculpture produces sounds based on wind and/or human interaction with it. Although Sonima looks like an animal, it produces human-like sounds, like sneezing and croaking.The main materials used: latex, wool, sound circuits, and conductive thread.
My aim is to re-think nature and the urban environment around us. To be more specific, I am creating a new form of symbiosis. My inspiration comes from nature and its regulatory systems of co-existence and interaction that is known as symbiosis. For me the beauty of symbiosis within biology is processes where two organisms act as one yet still exist as separate species, such as a host and a graft. Thus, SONIMA acts as a graft and uses a tree as a host.

Group show Natures. Hyper-life and Micro-relations, MOB, Barcelona, Spain (13th Mar – 13th Apr’12)
JUSTMAD3 Art Fair, Madrid, Spain (16th-19th Feb’12)
LiveHerring11 biennial, Saarijärvi, Finland (8th Apr-8th Jun’11)
Espacioenter 2010International Meeting of Creativity Innovation & Digital Culture, Canarias, Spain (25th-27th Nov’10)